Looking to buy a new mattress? Purchasing a good mattress for your home is one of the most important decision you need to make. A good mattress can not only provide you with a good rest, it will also prevent unnecessary health problems like back pain. A survey has shown that nine of 10 home owners saying that their bed and mattress is one of their biggest matter when it comes to shopping items for their home.

Health experts has added more weight to these findings by stating that without a firm and supportive mattress and bed, people with back problems can expect to take a longer period of time to recuperate compared to those patients who bought the right mattress. When you start scouring around for mattress, you will find that generally, there are four main types of mattress.

Coil Spring Mattress

Standard for many decades, the reason it is known as coil spring mattress is because it uses wire springs or coils, together with padding to keep the spring secure in the mattress. This prevents any imbalances of the mattress when your body rest on the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

Made with polyurethane, memory foam mattress was developed because of the need to help astronauts to relieve astronauts from the g-force which they experienced during lift off. With its success, it was later commercialized and introduced to the masses. Memory foam mattress is able to conform to our body shape, offering the body contouring that offers better support for our spine. This unique benefit makes it easy for the mattress to fill in the gaps between our body and the mattress, improving comfort.

Latex Foam Mattress

Increasingly popular in Europe, latex or rubber foam mattress is denser compared to other mattress. It has about 4 lb/cubic foot density. Foam mattress is more substantial than spring mattress and has a softer and yielding feel.

Air Mattress

Also known as air inflatable mattress, it is essentially filled with air and made with plastic or rubber. This type of mattress is surrounded by padding air bags, offering firmness and added support. Air mattress is the best way if you are planning to buy a mattress for camping or for your own use. However, it is not recommended for baby to sleep on air mattress because they can be too soft and run the risk of danger of suffocating them.

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