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4. Simmons Mattresses

The Simmons Mattress Company is over 125 years old and has spent its entire history focused on crafting the best and most supportive sleeping surfaces possible. They created some of the most innovative designs in mattresses and much of their technology has been “borrowed” by fellow manufacturers. They currently offer six individual product lines including their famous Beautyrest, ComforPedic and DeepSleep mattresses. They too have put the special support foam materials to use in some of their designs, but have also continued to refine and improve upon customer favorites. This is how the Beautyrest Black line came into existence, and it employs the same features with additional luxury options.

5. Spring Air Mattresses

Though this may not be as instantly recognizable a brand name as other mattress companies, the Spring Air mattress is actually one of the most copied designs in the industry. It originated in 1926 when the company founder used his own offset coil design. Today that can still be seen in some of the Spring Air mattresses, but they too have advanced their technologies and are incorporating modern materials and designs into their products. They currently offer four separate lines  - the Four Seasons, Nature’s Rest, Chatham and Wells and Back Supporter. Each is crafted with special results in mind including improved posture and relief of back pain, even weight distribution and lumbar support among others.

6. Kingsdown Mattresses

Kingsdown mattress company has been in operation for more than one hundred years and today they offer one of the most unique and innovative buying experiences in the entire bedding industry. They ask all potential customers to come in for a full body diagnostic. This allows the manufacturer to identify the perfect mattress for a consumer’s needs. Additionally they offer bedding ideally suited to two separate individuals but with all of the support each requires. They have six unique designs including the BodyMotion, BodyCaress, BodyDuet, BodyEssential, BodyBlend and BodySystem and each will work to align the spine in the most comfortable and soothing manner possible.

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