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7. Select Comfort Mattress

Known as the sleep number bed, the Select Comfort mattress is a patented and fully adjustable bedding solution. It is electronically controlled by the user to meet their needs, which is achieved through an attached controller that sets a mattresses firmness, or softness, at the ideal number. It may sound like this would make only a limited number of styles available, but in fact the Select Comfort mattresses are available in more than ten styles and formats. The company has incorporated the popular memory foam materials into their designs as well as making a split “two person” bedding option available in the majority of models as well.

8. Englander Mattresses

Since 1894 Englander mattresses have been made in the United States and the company has always sought to incorporate the most modern technologies into all of their offerings. They manufacture five separate lines of bedding that are all geared to providing a truly restorative sleep to the consumer. They employ special body mapping software when designing their mattresses and then incorporate this data into their complete range of options. Currently they offer the Nature’s Finest, Synergy, Viscopedic, Posture Support and Tension Ease lines of mattresses. Though each has its separate goals or designs each seeks to improve the overall sleeping experience through innovative design.

9. Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Stearns and Foster have been in the mattress making business for more than one hundred years. In all of that time they haven’t varied much from their original business plan which was to employ a high level of quality into each and every item they made. This approach has worked so well that the brand name alone is instantly equated with high quality and luxury. Currently they offer two distinctive lines of bedding – the Legendary Innerspring and the Luxury Latex. Each provides a different sleeping surface and uses dramatically different materials, but both are constructed to the highest standards and guarantee a great night’s sleep.

10. Duxiana Mattresses

Conventional mattresses offer roughly 700 coils within a standard Queen Size mattress. The Duxiana mattress delivers almost 1,800 coils in the same size. Additionally there are upper layer coils and lower layer coils in the mattress pad. So, what does this mean? Exquisite support and comfort? According to consumer testers the answer is yes! The Duxiana mattresses tested incredibly well and users love that its design and construction make it stylish in appearance as well as wonderful in the comfort department. The only issue with the Duxiana line of bedding is its limited offerings in small boutique establishments and its higher price tag. It should be noted that this is a high quality item produced entirely in Sweden which means that the consumer is going to have to absorb the shipping costs as well as the high quality materials put to work by the manufacturer.